Sunday, September 30, 2012

Those Greek Gods Really Got Around...

If you're doing a Space:1999 comic book...

...and you've got John Byrne for the art, well, then...

...why not do your own riff on Who Mourns For Adonis?

I mean, with Byrne's artwork you've effectively got a trillion times the budget Star Trek had, right?

Plus, writer Nicola Cuti can fill you in on the odd facts of Cyclops biology!

And you can meet some "normal" humans...

...who have crazy rides!

And you can do the the whole "all of Greek culture came from space travelers" idea...

...but instead of just standing around and yakking at Apollo, now you can fight giant Zeus--with spaceships!!

And how about a side helping of the "powerful aliens are really just children" chestnut?

At least they didn't end up on a planet of space Nazis...oh, wait, you mean...

From Space:1999 #5 (1976)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cookin' Wityh Popeye

Why Popeye should have his own show on the Food Network:

Mmm, sounds good. What's the recipe?

Hey, I thought it was called Tomato Yum-Yum?!?

Well played, sir. Well played.

From this week's Popeye #5

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Night Fights--Don't Tip The Waiter Style!!

It's Prize Fight time for Friday Night Fights, and that means there are vast sums of riches involved!!

So it's time to break out the big guns. Shang-Chi, Master Of Kung Fu, is wandering around New York City, and has decided to partake of dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Unfortunately, he has chosen the most evil Chinese restaurant in NYC, as 100% of its employees are Si-Fan assassins working for Fu Manchu. And as soon as he finishes his Chow Har Kew and fortune cookie, they attack. He manages to fight off all of them...but one hasn't attacked yet--the smiling maitre d' (the "d" stands for "Death!")...

I guess he should have gone for pizza instead...Then again, this confrontation ultimately led to Shang-Chi thwarting Fu's plan to blow up Mount Rushmore. Once again, Fu Manchu 17, Dr. Doom 0.

Spacebooger is impressed at the use of "THAP," "SUFT," "SPLANG," ""CHESSSH" and "SPRACT" as sound effects, and he wishes that I had included the panels that used "SHRAK," "KRIK-IK-IK-IK-IK," ""CHUT," "FWAK," "SHRESH," "SWIK,""SWSSSSss," "CHANK," "SHUP!," "KUD," "SWANK," "CHING," "FLANK!," "CHRASH," "SPLOW!," "WOK!," "SPUNT" and "SWOK!" And that was just in the first 6 pages...

The restaurant that probably got a terrible Yelp! review appeared in The Hands Of Shang-Chi, Master Of Kung Fu #22 (1974), by Doug Moench, Paul Gulacy and Dan Adkins.

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Because I crave Amazon gift certificates, that's why!! So go and vote!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

If You Don't Like Ray Palmer, Prepare To Get Punched In The Nose!!

From the letters page in Brave And The Bold #136 (1977)...please note the editorial disclaimer:

And the reply?

I don't have the issue with the original letter that's referred to in Gregg's letter, so we've nothing more to go than what I see here.

Still, let's admire editor Cary Burkett's skill here. By not editing the letter at all--and calling attention the that fact--he manages to make Gregg Schamel look dopey. And then he goes on to call the original letter writer's opinion "dumb." Insulting two readers for the price of one? Well played, sir...well played! It makes me sad that DC dropped their letters pages (again)--just think of the carnage if readers were allowed to express their opinions of the nu52, and the editors were in turn allowed to express their opinions of those same readers!!

And if you know some guy named Gregg, well, you might want to avoid stating any negative opinion of Ray Palmer. Because...POW!!!...Marcia Brady time!!

Bruce Wayne Shouldn't Have Made His Pin Number 1234

Once again, we must remind the screenwriters of The Dark Knight Rises that, no matter idea you had for your little movie...

Bob Haney had it first!!

Crooks using computer shenanigans to bankrupt Bruce Wayne? It's not the first time Haney went to this story idea.

 Obviously, all those crooks who had been robbing Gotham banks the old-fashioned way all those years were pikers.

Particularly fascinating? Bruce's bank allowed him to overdraw by 5 million dollars!! Really? The 1% are different! I'll try that at the ATM tonight, but I don't think that will work (although, in fairness, it did work for this gentleman).

From Brave & The Bold #152 (1979)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Post-Game Meal, Part 2

After being transformed into a giant vampire-bat-creature, but getting better because of a rescue from a supernatural ally...

...Batman is going to have a very odd meal, thanks to Jason Blood

From Brave And The Bold #137 (1977)

Post-Game Meal, Part I

After a hard fought battle...

The Atom craves Swiss cheese!!

From Brave & The Bold #152 (1979)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why Sell Grit?

You know, with all those damn ads in comics throughout the years, and all those youngsters supposedly making out like bandits selling the'd think they'd come up with real-life examples of the vast benefits of selling Grit.

Oh, wait, here's one:

Wait...Richie Rich?? On his diamond-studded coach? He's your endorser?!?

Not quite...

So the Rich family fortune started out by selling issues of Grit for 35¢ apiece?

Well, stranger things have happened, I guess? Anything is possible.

Of course, when Mr. Rich asserts that "Lots of famous people got their start selling Grit," you'd have thought they'd mention at least one example, one famous person.

Nope. Not a one. But at least we know that cartoon characters could make serious cheddar selling Grit...

Ad from, surprisingly enough, Superman Family #204 (1980)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Manic DreddDay #5--A Tiny Review

A few non-spoilery thoughts below the poster...

  • It was pretty good, much better than I expected. I have a tiny quibble with the plot structure, but honestly that's more a matter of preference than a critique.

  • It was also quite bloody and violent, so it certainly earns its R rating.

  • The 3D was fairly well done, albeit mostly unnecessary. 

  • And they get Dredd pretty much right, which is more difficult than you might imagine, especially for an action movie. 
You see, Dredd is an icon, an archetype, no more changeable than Mount Rushmore. He can't learn, or grow,  or change, any more than Beavis or Butthead can. If he does, you loose the concept. Dredd is Dredd is Dredd IS the character.

Which is where the Stallone debacle went wrong (in part)--it's America, dammit, and we want our action heroes to take off the mask so we can see their face and see them emote and watch them learn from their mistakes and grow. Which is fine, but is anti-thetical to Dredd, who exists not as a real character, but as a comment on the bizarre world which surrounds him and as a social commentary and as a satire and...well, pretty much anything other than what we on this side of the pond expect from our leads.

(Minor spoiler in this paragraph) But this movie had the courage to let Dredd be Dredd. Urban never takes off the mask, never has a girlfriend. But the movie solves this problem by making the focus be on Anderson's rising and advancing of the spirit. Well played.

  • Here is a free comic prequel that explains the background of the movie's villain--it doesn't spoil anything, just gives some depth to a character that was already well-performed by Lena Headey.
So, Dredd...I say go see it.

Manic DreddDay #4--When Smart Kids Turn Dumb!

10 years ago today (give or take a day) in 2000 A.D.:

If you think we have a school funding crisis now, just wait until the future!

Any solutions?

Well, I might have suggested a bake sale, but...

Ah, trying to scoot on a technicality!! This is just like an episode of Law & Order!!

And what means do these gifted kids come up with to put the hurt on Dredd?

Well, this, for starters...

...not to mention this... well as this...

But, of course, they're all equally ineffective against Dredd...

And equally of course, Dredd susses out who the perps are...but of course, there's that pesky technicality:

But unlike Law & Order, Dredd doesn't do motions and exclusions and stuff, because he's the Judge, dammit:

The lesson? Don't try to play lawyer with Dredd--you're already in contempt!!

From 2000 A.D #1310 (2002)

Manic DreddDay #3--It's Not The Size Of the Gun, it's The Amount Of Ammo In The Clip!

24 years ago today in 2000 A.D....

...we learn that Americans aren't the only ones who can do the gun size/wiener size double entendre.

From 2000 A.D. #593 (1988)

Manic DreddDay #2--They Left This Paret Out Of The Movie!

33 years ago today (give or take a day) in 2000 A.D.:

Eighteen million people in mobile homes?!?

We can only hope that among them were Billy Batson & Mentor in their custom RV...

From 2000 A.D. #131 (1979)