Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Romance Comics Are From Venus--Ain't Love Grand?

I just don't get romance comics.

Still, I shan't let that deter me!! Let me once again try to understand this important genre!!

Ladies and gentleman---ROMANCE!!



Well, that's it--I guess I'm never going to understand romance comic books...

OK, OK, I'll give it one more try:

It's official--romance comics are nuts. Or I am. Your choice...

From Heart Throbs #120 (1969)


SallyP said...

Frankly, I LOVE these gawdawful old Romance Comics...but only because I naturally just assume that the heroes are all Hal Jordan.

It makes them a whole lot more amusing.

Jacque Nodell said...

They are a little kooky at times, I'll give you that -- but in my eyes they are just so loveable for so many reasons! :)

Martin Gray said...

I really want to read that. I love those Colletta inks.

Just went to the series cover scans at and boy, is it fun - cover after cover of unendinf misery. And a mad puppeteer.