Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Greatest Covers You've Never Seen--Weird Horrors!!

St. John's Weird Horrors was a pretty bog-standard 1950's horror title...nothing to distinguish it from the countless others on the market at the time:

But in 1953, for 2 issues, William Ekgren got to pencil and ink the covers...and they were like nothing seen before or since:

Ekgren didn't do any of the interiors--they were still cookie cutter 50s horror.

He also did the cover for Strange Terrors #4 (1952):

As far as GCD can tell me, these 3 covers are the ONLY things Ekgren did for the comics industry.

Of course, once I finally do a Google search, I find another blogger has already done some amazing research in tracking done the history of Ekgren. So head over to his crib to read more about the amazing artist who--ever so briefly--dabbled in comic books.

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