Monday, January 28, 2013

Manic Monday Bonus--Meet The Savages!!

Oh, how I do love the faux rock bands of the comics...especially of the 1960s.

Several years before Marcia Brady managed to rope in Davy Jones for her school dance, Gidget decides that their gang needs to have a summer dance. And who should they get to play?

Great idea!! And the whole gang get summer jobs and work their hinders off to afford booking the band.

Wait a minute...The Savages? Who dat?

Oh, them. And how's their music?

Well, maybe not die, so much as...


Well, no dance for Gidget!!

But wait...


Not to darken the "greatest night of your life," Gidget, but I should note that while the drum displays a "Four Savages" logo, the band is referred to only as "The Savages" throughout, including their album cover.

Oh, Gidget, did your gang just accidentally hire a Savages tribute band???

From Gidget #2 (1966)


Siskoid said...

That's totally what happened. Because geez, what kind of resources do her friends have otherwise?

You won't catch me listening to the Savages though. I care about my health.

Sina said...

Excellent hypothesis, snell :)

I was going to point out that the artist wasn't "with it" because he depicted the Savage drummer holding his drumstick under-handed/military-style, whereas an actual rock drummer from the day would have held it over-hand/Ringo-Starr/hammer-style, but, combined with your observation, that this is probably a local group with wigs on is a better *in-universe* explanation.

And forget "accidentally", they hired them knowingly due to costs and etc :D