Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bold Fashion Choices--Wardrobe Malfunction!

Last post, we saw that all 2,000 students at Stanhope College are wearing Supergirl uniforms.

Why? Let's find out...

Well, even in DC's Silver Age, there was no such thing as a free lunch. So what's Baxter's angle?

And the brilliant plan?

Now, charging 2,000 belt buckles with electricity shows a certain level of dedication, I'll grant you. But DC Silver Age super-heroes defeat schemes like that every day before breakfast. And Supergirl has no trouble foiling this little scheme (spoiler alert: rubber gloves from chemistry class).

Ah, but that was just the first phase. Dale Baxter plans run deep, my friends:


You know, it strikes me that if any of these college lasses have showered just before the rally, and used enough antiperspirant, we could be looking at some mass murder here.

Plus--and here's a crucial point--his entire plan relies on Supergirl wearing HIS costume, rather than her own get-up, or else his plan would completely fail (while the smell of roasted coed wafted across campus...).

Well, of course, Supergirl thwarts this scheme, too. But Baxter has one trick left up his sleeve. He spends his "last cent" to buy a helicopter, and...

And another potential death at Baxter's hands!!

Now, if I had been Supergirl here, I would have used this occasion to ditch the Linda Danvers identity, plant a hobo's body there, and send Baxter to the big house for murder.

But Kara's a hero, so she spends the whole night trucking in snow to make a "snow bank" that somehow "cushioned her fall" (from TWO MILES!!)--and somehow didn't leave "normal" Linda dead from exposure--and just let's Baxter feel bad about being wrong:

"Punishment enough?!?" Gosh, Kara, the man was only a couple of ticks away from having a huge pile of bodies at his feet, all in the name of something urgent like uncovering your secret identity. Jack McCoy would've thrown the book at him.

Indeed, you've got to wonder how many deaths in the Silver Age DCU are attributed to morons trying to expose secret identities? "Yes, you honor, I was certain Uncle Mort was the Flash, so I pushed him in front of a train, and..."

Yet another reason we need Law And Order: DCU...

From Adventure Comics #392 (1970)

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