Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Odd Final Quote For An Odd Series

A suitable summing up of a failed series:

What th...??? Huh?? Errr....

Now the quote comes from a denizen of the 31st Century, so maybe that's a contemporary aphorism there...maybe our descendants spend lots of time looking for worms in snakepits. Maybe it makes sense IN THE FUTURE.

Then again, this quote is a pretty good summary of my feeling on the cancelled Legion Lost. The series never had any real reason to exist, apart from the arbitrary mandate to fill out 52 slots. The series was never able to advance beyond its elevator pitch. The series borrowed its title from a decade-old mini-series, and its premise from a 15 year old plotline. DC ghettoized the series, never letting it out of the "Young Justice" family--despite a great many potentially interesting team-up possibilities (Stormwatch? Justice League? Superman?) they were restricted to multiple (terrible) crossovers with Teen Titans and Ravagers. The writing, especially the dialogue, just became stupider and stupider as the series approached the end.

But I'm a Legion junkie, so I stuck with it. I kept hoping it would somehow tie into the main Legion mag (it didn't), that something significant would happen (it didn't). But I stuck with it, like I was looking for a worm in a snakepit.

And I wasn't happy. So one point for the odd analogy.

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notintheface said...

Also, they stole half their logo from a TV series that ended in 2010.