Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Best Cover You've Never Seen--The Brave & The Bold #106 (1973)

Not just for the obvious reason (Jim Aparo, duh!)...

...But also because it shows Oliver once again looking like a frakk-up in front of Batman...

...And actual word balloons on a cover!!!...

..."PLUS?"...SPOILER ALERT--It's Two-Face!!

Pretty perfect cover, is all I'm sayin'...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hell Hath No Fury...

Nazi fifth columnists are trying to disrupt U.S. industry--they're collapsing mines by sabotage, trying to get the works to strike for safety reasons!!

And if that wasn't enough reason for Namor to get involved...

OK, now it's on!!

Well, of course Namor rescues the miners, and catches the bad guys. Only he has a special punishment planned for them...


Oh, Namor, you're such a little boy...

The story doesn't tell us what state the enraged women left the saboteur in...

From Sub-Mariner Comics #2 (1941)

Best Pulp Cover You've never Seen--Amazing Stories (June 1965)

Because some mornings you just need to see an angry robot swingin' hammers around.

Cover by Gray Morrow

Monday, November 28, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--GLURP!!

In a daring plan, Nazis are trying to rescue a bunch of German POWs from Canada by sneaking across a frozen Lake Ontario.

But Namor is on the job, so it won't work!! Or will it...?

I think Sub-Mariner comic books would sell better in Namor said "GLURP!" more often...

BTW, Namor does recover, and turns all the Nazis over to the Coast Guard. GLURP!!

From Sub-Mariner Comics #2 (1941)

Manic Monday Bonus--Wide-Eyed Dancers!!

Admit it--it you had a spare buck, you'd totally decorate your wall like this:

Imagine waking up to that every morning!!

Just think how much cooler I could have been if I had these. Sigh...

Ad from Gentle Ben #2 (1968)

Manic Monday--Be Thankful You Don't Live With Hawk And Dove!

Welcome back from Thanksgiving weekend, the special holiday where it takes all our willpower not to throttle our relatives!!

But really, no matter how stressful your family, it could have been could have been staying at the Hall house over Turkey Day weekend!

Good heavens, Judge Hall..can't you get them separate bedrooms?!?

From The Hawk And The Dove #1 (1968)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Four Seasons...OF DEATH!!

Everybody's talking about the weather...

Four grunts in Korea each have a favorite season ...

But if there's one rule you should follow in a 1950s comic book, it's don't have a favorite anything, because it will come back to ironically kill you later!!

Take, for example, the G.I. who thought summer was the best season:


You know, it wasn't actually summer, that killed him, just his dumbass lack of concentration...

SHUSH--don't question the theme!!

Let's move fall!!


Now wait a minute--

Nope, gotta keep moving! How about winter?

I think you know what's coming...

Man, war is a pretty dangerous place!!

Well, last up is spring. Spring couldn't possibly kill anybody, right?

 Slay Monstrobot reminds you--there is no irony like cheap irony!!

Also, don't have favorite things. And everybody dies, kiddies--everybody!!

From Battle Cry #16 (1955)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Your Tax Dollars At Work--Milt Caniff Wants YOU To Use Pyschological Warfare!!

 Man, I wish I could work for the 'Directorate Of Plans"!!

 Man, I wish I had a time machine and could bow their minds by showing them Twitter...

 Wow, Milt Caniff and Herblock, in one Air Force publication!!

Anyway, you better sign up, because they came up with a really cool name for it:

Bullets Or Words is from 1951