Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Naked Easter Eggs Of Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #1 [NSFW]

Warning...there's a NSFW drawing and photo later on in this post...

So, in the very first panel of Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #1, our mysterious villain is gazing at a collage of various incarnations of the Doctor and his companions:

Wait a minute...what the...?

We need a close-up here!

Oh no they didn't. Did they?

Oh, yes they did!!

You see, after she left Doctor Who, Katy Manning, who played companion Jo Grant, did a...ahem...pictorial feature for a magazine called Girls Illustrated, wherein she posed, well, starkers with a Dalek:

Yeah, I thought that picture looked kind of familiar...

Of course, you have to wonder how our mystery villain had this picture, as it didn't occur in the Doctor Who universe. Unless he knows the Doctor and company are fictional characters. Hmmm, maybe the mystery villain is Michael Grade...

Or maybe this did happen. Maybe Jo Grant did sneak into a UNIT holding facility and posed with a Dalek shell left over from Day Of The Daleks as part of some secret mission...

More pictures of Jo and the Dalek can be seen here; like this one, the naughty bits are covered. If that's too risque for you, here it is in Lego form:

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