Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Everybody Comes To Archie's

Feeling a bit peckish? Well, here's a suggestion:

Not close enough? Hows about this one?

Those blurbs come from Life With Archie #149 (1974). And yes indeedy, there was a "short-lived chain" of Archie's Restaurants back in the early to mid 1970s.

There's not a lot of information that I can find on the interwebs about the Archie's Restaurants. And the search is further complicated by the fact that there are approximately 50 trillion guys named Archie who have started restaurants/pubs/diners and what have you.

However, all is not vain, because apparently, if you are willing to take a little trip to Germany, you just might find this:

 Archie's American Restaurant?? And Archie himself, albeit with a dye job??

I can just see it now...ex-expatriate Archie, unable to return home for undisclosed reasons, opens a popular club. The mysterious American is pursued by all the ladies, but has to deal with the corrupt and womanizing police chief Reggie. Fortunately, he has his musical/comedy relief pal Jughead along...but how many times has he told Jughead never to play that particular song...?

Damn you, comic books, you just made me do research, and you made me rethink a cultural classic in terms of cartoon characters!! DAMN YOU, COMIC BOOKS!!!

Ah, well, looks like this year will be just like last year...

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Martin Gray said...

Let's buy the franchise!