Monday, January 21, 2013

Manic Monday Bonus--E-Harmony Is Never Wrong, Right?

I'd be willing to wager 50,000 quatloos that Jim Lee, Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio have this comic in their collections:

Yuparoonies, DC's braintrust is only 38 years late to the "Power Couple" idea.

That scene on the cover really happens--Wonder Woman rescues Lois from a runaway race car--and Superman decides this is the appropriate time to drop the hammer:


They even go so far as to title the story:

And Kal-El shows all of current DC's writers' sensitivity in letting a gal down easy:


Well, the propensity of DC superheroes of the era, Lois suspects that it's just some silly ploy. Yet, after stalking the hell out of the couple for awhile, Lois comes to the sad conclusion:

Yup, so that's clearly settled--Wonder Woman makes a much better romantic partner for Superman than Lois La--

What's that, you say? The story's not over yet?

D'oh!! Apparently, Lee & Johns & DiDio neglected to finish the story!!

Or, perhaps Silver Age creators were too primitive to understand that OF COURSE you have to break-up long-standing relationships in order to pair your most powerful characters romantically...people should always be matched up by superficial similarities!! Yeah, that's the ticket!!

Which is why I wish DC had control of Tarzan right now--because of course he shouldn't be married to plain old Jane--he should be with another jungle charcter, like Sheena or Rima or Pantha or...

And Beauty And The Beast? Give me a break. A Beast should never be matched with a non-beast...what kind of relationship is that?


Lois Lane #136 is from 1974


Anonymous said...

The most hilarious thing about this is how many ::supporters:: of the Supes/Wondy thing have posted only the cover of this comic without ever actually FINISHING the damn book.

Then, they get their ass handed to them when people who actually have READ the book (and understand that Silver Age covers were always for shock value and rarely ever told the actual story) remind them that Superman actually reaffirms that he loves Lois at the end of the story and that LOIS SAVES WONER WOMAN.

Scott Lobdell posted the cover of this on his Twitter the other day. No comment. Just posted it. Why? Who knows? To be nasty? To taunt the Lois fans? To just be cruel?

Of course, he had no comment when several fans pointed out to him that he might want to finish the story...

SallyP said...

Frankly, if they decide to finish off the Superman/Wonder Woman romance in the new 52 Universe THIS way, I will be overjoyed.

snell said...

Audrey--I wasn't aware Lobdell had posted this cover...this comics was just towards the top of the pile. Serendipity, I guess.

Siskoid said...

I'm with Sally. I think the whole New52 Superman Mythos is just an elaborate Silver Agey trolling of Lois Lane. At least, that's what I like to tell myself.