Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Greatest Story Never Actually Written?!?

The early 90s incarnation of Marvel Super-Heroes was an odd duck--a quarterly anthology series with absolutely no theme, no rhyme or reason. Every issue was completely random in its choice of subject matter.

It functioned as a way to clear out the back-files, to publish the previously unseen inventory stories that had been piling up over the years. It also seemed to serve as sort of an ersatz new talent showcase, as lots of names turned up there that were never seen again.

And given the origins, a lot of the stories...well, weren't terribly good. And at one point they printed the skeeviest story in the history of comics books.

But in #8 (1992), they also included a bunch of Jim Starlin pin-up pages. Why? Who knows? They were unrelated to anything else in the issue (which unleashed the blight that is known as Squirrel Girl upon us). Nope, just random splash pages of Warlock and friends, or Doctor Strange wandering through Ditko-esque realms, or Wolverine and Spider-Man fighting ninjas.

And then there was this:


Sasquatch versus Hulk versus Thing versus Beast, with Man-Thing watching on?!?

Was this from some stillborn project? A pitch for the ultimate Marvel Two-In-One tale? Or was Starlin just noodling around?

I've no idea myself, but I'll tell you what--I would read the living hell out of this story!

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SallyP said...

Off hand I'd say that Hank was a little out of his weight class in this match-up...but hell yes...this would have been a lot of noisy fun!