Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How Bruce Wayne Can Afford All Those Wonderful Toys

In pursuit of a man who is apparently killing wealthy compulsive gamblers, Bruce Wayne boards an off-shore gambling yacht in a new disguise--John T. Hazard! (Of course, Frank Robbins wrote and drew the Johnny Hazard comic strip for over 3 decades...a guy's allowed to hat tip himself!!)

But he's not just there to play--Batman John T. Hazard is there to win!!

Now, I know what you're saying--there's no system that can beat roulette.

But before you call BS on this, perhaps you should read the caption more closely:

You see, back pre-1980s, there were an awful lot of bad roulette wheels out there--wear and other biases making making the outcome far less random. And many folks, with the aid of some pretty cool early computers, took advantage to make some huge bucks.This caused casinos to change the design of their wheels, to test and upgrade them regularly, and to try and ban electronic devices from roulette tables.

But of course, Bruce Wayne needs no such devices, for Batman is smarter than a 1970s computer!!

And that answers where he gets those marvelous toys. Batman needs a new Batmobile? Just break out the John T. Hazard tux, and watch out, Atlantic City!! [And no, there's no indication in the story that he ever gave back the "hundreds of thousands" he won that night...that probably went to pay for a new Bat-Copter...]

From Detective Comics #426 (1972)

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