Monday, May 20, 2013

Manic Monday Bonus--Billy=Charles Atlas?!?

You know all those damned Charles Atlas ads that used to fill our comic books?

Well, it turns out that the scenario was pretty real--at least according to the lead story in Forbidden Worlds #69 (1958).

Billy, you see, is a pretty weak guy, and...

See? In the rugged 1950s, if you weren't a manly man, you couldn't hold a job, and the dames weren't interested.

(For the record, Charles Atlas ads came first--they started appearing in funnybooks in the early 1940s...)

So how does Billy solve his problem? Well, this is a science fiction comic book, so I'd expect a science-ficitional solution--and no, it's not Flex Mentallo. Stay tuned...

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