Thursday, May 16, 2013

This Guy Should Be The Villain In Iron Man 4

Yeah, yeah, we've done all the evil industrialists, the Mandarin is done, we've done evil armors...

This could be a problem, you see, as Iron Man's rogues gallery isn't the deepest out there. So who's left to be the bad guy for Iron Man 4?

This guy:


Who is the Soulfather? Well, nameless minions and henchmen really, really admire him:


And clearly, Mikas has a high opinion of himself:

Oh, yeah...

The Soulfather was a minion of the mysterious Mister Kline (please don't ask), sent to ruin Iron Man's life.
He was (maybe) a Mexican orphan given powers through radioactive treatments, which resulted in his having powers over "earth," and some vague form of mind manipulation, and even evil demon/thingies to control...

Or, there were some hints that, like many of Mister Kline's other minions, Mikas was merely a robot who thought he was a real boy.

Still, there is one undeniable, incontrovertible fact about Mikas the Soulfather...

He's dead sexy!!

After debuting in Iron Man #42 (1971), Stark beat him and left him buried under rubble the very next issue, never to be seen again, ever.

Which means he's free and clear to be brought back for Iron Man 4, right?


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SallyP said...

Well, he's certainly secure enough with his own manhood to wear that outfit.