Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Frank Robbins' Batman--Straight. Up. Bad-Ass.

We've had the Frank Robbins discussion before, and I'm certain we'll have the Frank Robbins discussion again.

But let's be very clear--his Batman was hardcore.

Batman has managed to worm his way into the lair of Conway Treach, a scum who is killing off wealthy Gotham gamblers, yet making their deaths appear to be irrefutable suicides...

Damn, that page is soooooo good...

Anyway, it turns out that Batman had deduced that Treach's gun was rigged, with a "trick cylinder-latch" that blocked the firing pin when Treach used it, so he was never in danger. So neither one of them was really in danger of buying the farm during Russian roulette.

Still, Frank Robbins' Batman? Straight baller, is all I'm saying.

Detective Comics #426 (1972) was written, drawn and inked by Frank Robbins.


karl said...

Bats is fucking hardcore here....makes a change from the hard-talking but dosent do anything hardman he is these days.

Thered be all kinds of complaints if Bats did this kind of thing these days.

ERIC! said...

Holy Crap that was hardcore.