Sunday, May 12, 2013

How To Break DC's Terrible Public Relations Slump!!

Look, you know that things have not been going terribly well for DC when this kind of website starts popping up:

Yeah, that's not a good thing.

But, as always, Slay Monstrobot is here to help out!!

And there's nothing--nothing--that can change a company's fortunes more quickly than a good slogan!!

Yes, DC actually ran this contest back in 1956. In fact, amongst the issues it appeared in was Showcase #4, so the slogan contest literally coincided with the dawn of the Silver Age!!

 DC later printed the names of winners--all 5,000 of them!! Although nobody seems too sure what the winning slogan actually was, or if it was ever actually used. See here and here for excellent discussions.

Anyway, in 2013 something like this could revive DC's flagging PR status. Let's have a contest today!!

Look, you only have to mutilate 5 separate comics for each single entry!! But that's OK, you'll be able to replace any cut up nu52 comics from the Quarter Bin in a couple of months!

This might be a good way to boost readership, too. As I watch my nu52 pull list shrink and shrink, the prospect of prizes might encourage me to spend more dough, right? Right?

Legibility? Really? Kids today are doomed, because they're not even teaching penmanship any more...

"DC Comics are Decent Comics"?? Aim high, DC, aim high!!

Well, let's open the floodgates, people!! Submit your 15 word (or less) slogans for today's DC!! We'll be sure to pass them on to Johns, Lee and DiDio!!

And remember, legibility counts!

My copy of this contest appeared in Jackie Gleason And The Honeymooners #2 (1956). Because yes, I was spending Sunday morning reading Jackie Gleason comic books...


Anonymous said...

DC Comics: If you don't like it, we'll reboot it sooner or later.


SallyP said...

DC Comics! Occasionally not terrible!