Monday, May 27, 2013

Manic Memorial Day--The Golden Ticket!

We've seen this bedeviling ad a million times in our moldy old comics:

Of course it spawned thousands of questions...Was Palisades really "America's greatest amusement park"?

Did it make economic sense to advertise in a national publication for what had to be mainly a regional attraction? Or did families at the time really base their cross-country vacation plans around amateurishly made ads in comic books?

I can understand weekends being exempt. But why is the coupon only good on Monday, Wednesday and Friday? What was going on in the park Tuesday and Thursday?

Batman Slide? What the hell is a Batman slide?? (Apparently, this is...this is from an amusement park in Queens, but I'm assuming the one in Palisades Park was pretty similar, if not identical)

What were the odds of encountering a young Bruce Springsteen there?

And were there any people out there who would actually deface their comic books to save a measly 85¢?

Well, yes, I guess there were. No wonder this was in the Quarter Bin...

(Fortunately, there wasn't a story page on this flip side, at least in this issue, just a house ad for Angel And The Ape...)


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I have never purchased a comic that had a coupon cut out.

snell said...

You're lucky, Allen...I have tons of them...especially those damned Marvel Value Stamps...