Monday, May 20, 2013

Manic Monday Double Secret Probation--Itinerant Lecturer?!?

When last we left Billy Foster, he was bemoaning the fact that he was a 98-pound weakling who couldn't get a job or attract a woman.

Well, instead of exercising, or taking steroids, or hanging around smaller people so you fell bigger in comparison, Billy just mopes on the street corner. Until...

"Itinerant lecturer"?!?!? Yet another job my high school guidance counselor never bothered to tell me about!! Perhaps it's not too late--I'll just get a tent and a soap box, and travel from town to town, lecturing to any who will listen... [editor's note--in the 21st century, we call it blogging, or going on news talk shows. Get back to your story...]

OK, well Dr. Osgood (Dr. Oz?!?) has a tale to tell:

Well, yes, "natural strength could never have accomplished those great feats"--because they're mythical--they never happened!! And if they did happen, well, it wasn't natural strength, it was borrowing powers from the gods.

So your analogy sucks rocks, Dr. Osgood...not to mention you're starting the self-help industry a couple of decades early.

But Billy seems eager to try this "faith in your own ability." Will it work? Stay tuned...

From Forbidden Worlds #69 (1958)

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Martin Gray said...

I don't think I can wait a week, what will happen??????