Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Haneyverse, Chapter 4--Batman Needs A Hobby!!

Bob Haney's Bruce Wayne might be a little bit different than the Bruce Wayne you're used to...

"Kills time"?? Really, there's nothing for Batman to do? No crimes to investigate? No muggings to thwart? exciting lecture!! Why, to even think about patrolling the streets of Gotham would be ridiculous!

And when the Time Commander confronts Bruce and proves that he knows Batman's secret identity (don't ask):

Wait...he last had on the Batman costume "a few days ago"?!?! Gotham has been at the mercy of criminals for days?

Where's the Batman who refuses to eat meals or sleep, who spends 24/7 in costume despite Alfred's pestering, who can't rest whilst crime is out there, who can fill 10-15 monthly comic books with the need to constantly deal crazed Arkham escapees, who invents ways to kill his friends when he has 22 seconds of spare time...where's THAT Batman?!?

Bob Haney's Batman--he's a whole lot mellower than your used to, dudes.

From The Brave & The Bold #59 (1965), as reprinted in The Brave & The Bold #112 (1974)


SallyP said...

You know what really freaks me out? Bruce's socks don't cover his calves! Dammit, he's rich! Buy better socks!

Required field must be blank said...

Hey Bruce! You're a millionaire - throw darts at a real dartboard in your rec room, not at a newspaper sitting on a Louis XIV antique.