Monday, January 6, 2014

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--The Real Fifth Beatle!

What happens you combine two of my greatest comic book loves--fake rock bands and Archie Comics' incredibly timely social satire--into one story?

Let's check out the Madhouse Annual #10 (1973):

Ah, this is going to be good...

Ah, yes, the Boogaloo, that 1960s dance craze. In a 1973 story. Well played, Archie Comics. But we're just getting started.

So Ali Bubu gets her to the concert, better than front row seats...and is she grateful?

Note the mod haircuts and band all in matching pinstripe 1973. Well played again, Archie Comics.

But wait--there's more. Ali Bubu actually gets Fatima in to see the band...and:

Yes, the sitar was the "most exotic 'in' instrument" 1973. I bow to your swift reaction to musical trends, Archie Comics!!

But it all works out for Ali Bubu:


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