Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Haneyverse, Chapter 2--Reporters Have All The Pick-Up Lines

Let's be blunt--Bob Haney knew how to smooth talk the ladies.

As Mister Miracle prepares an audacious escape atop the Eiffel Tower...

...a reporter takes the opportunity to hit on Miracle's fiancee:

You know that guy was up all night working on that line, right?

Sadly, that's all we see of the "journalistic gnat" (Oberon's term) in the issue. Presumably, Barda killed him between panels, as much for the puns as for the effrontery...

From The Brave And The Bold #112 (1974)


The Mutt said...

Haney/Aparo! One of the greatest teams ever!

I have a question, though. What is Haney's deal with the name Cathcart? He uses that name all the time!

SallyP said...

I hope he enjoyed the use of his teeth. After Barda was through with him, he must have been eating his dinner through a straw.