Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Best Buddy Team Since Lethal Weapon?

Look, right now Valiant seems to have the market cornered on all the "buddy act" comics...Quantum And Woody, Archer & Armstrong...not a lot of other good ones out there right now, especially after Robin bit the dust.

But there is one team that Marvel has been sitting on--for decades--that might be the mightiest comic book duo of all time:

That's right--it's long past time we had a continuing Thor & Man-Thing comic!

"One is an Asgardian thunder god!
The other is a muck encrusted mockery of a man!
Together--they fight crime!!"

(Yes, I know that "muck encrusted" is Swamp Thing's bit. Too bad. Deal with it!)

See what a great team they make? The book practically writes itself!!

Think of the story possibilities!!
*A Volstagg/Man-Thing meeting!
*Because he's not truly human, Man-Thing is able to pick up Mjolnir...and becomes transformed into Thor-Thing!
*Don Blake continues Teds Sallis' research into the super-soldier serum!
*Howard The Duck guest appearances!
*Loki burns at the Man-Thing's touch!!

Sadly, though, it was not to be...

Still, there's no reason that Marvel Now Again couldn't revive the idea...(BTW, see that first panel...I'm betting "much encrusted" is just a lettering "typo," and it was supposed to be "muck encrusted." Just sayin '...)

Or, even better, what about a Man-Thing/Black Bolt team-up book, which would consist entirely of second-person narration captions, and no word balloons??

This is why I'm not allowed to write comic books...

From Thor #317 ( 1982)

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