Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Night Fights--Good Lord, Hal Jordan Is An Idiot Style!!

Terribly awful week, no time for anything long, so let's get right down to this week's Friday Night Fights!

Hal Jordan is going after the Time Commander (who is disguised as Batman--don't ask):

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! The greatest Green Lantern ever, folks!!

Spacebooger is laughing at Hal Jordan, too.

Bob Haney, Ramona Fradon and Charles Paris mock the hero worship of Hal Jordan in The Brave And The Bold #59 (1965), as reprinted in The Brave And The Bold #112 (1974)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Once again, Batman (sort of) has taken out a Green Lantern with Just. One. Punch. So go and vote!!

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SallyP said...

Oh Hal. Getting hit in the head is sort of "your thing", but doing it to yourself just makes it all the more sweet.