Thursday, January 9, 2014

Don't Make Supergirl Angry--You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Angry!

I know I've been critical of making Supergirl into a Red Lantern.

But you know what? She could be a nasty, vengeful thing back in the Silver Age.

Which brings us to:


They've started us in the middle...let's go back to the beginning. Supergirl is performing at a charity circus, when she meets...

Why are aliens performing in a lowly circus? Shhh, don't ask...It turns out that Raspor has the power to project nightmares...and if you tick him off enough, he can actually transport you into  the "nightmare dimension."

After the act, Raspor puts the moves on Kara...

Well, he's a jerk, all right.

Supergirl follows them back to their spaceship, where she sees Raspar using an "audio-vision Cybernputer" (yes, really) to create 3D images as he recreates many of his crimes for filming his autobiography (yes, really). And his greatest crime?

OK, so that's a little bit of a retcon, no?

But instead of going to tell Superman, or the Kandorians, the Maid Of Might begins an elaborate revenge plan.

First, she pretends that she has indeed fallen for Raspor:

So they get married!!

And the she leaves him alone on their honeymoon planet while she "goes on patrol," but she leaves Raspor a machine he can amuse himself with...


And did you know that super-ventriloquism works over interplanetary distances?'re married to him, aren't you, Kara?

Damn technicalities!!

That is cold, Supergirl...very cold.

But what about your code against killing?

Sweet Rao, that's nasty!!

But, it's the Silver Age, so of course it's a trick:

But wait...there's one final twist:

Wha wha what?!?!?!

So, without consulting anyone, Supergirl condemns the man, without a trial, to a lifetime of mental torture, stranded alone on a deserted planet...and it turns out that he's innocent!!!! Geez, that's pretty viscous for a Silver Age story...maybe Kara too mean for the Red Lantern Corp...

Hmmm, Raspor is probably still sitting there...story, anyone?

Moral 1: Don't go bragging about blowing up planets when you haven't.

Moral 2: Don't piss off Supergirl.

Moral 3: Maybe she really is suited to be a Red Lantern...I'll bet Raspor would have much rather had her vomit blood all over him...

From Action Comics #338 (1966), as reprinted in Superman Family #173 (1975)

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SallyP said...

The man has a pencil-thin mustache. Obviously, according to Rankorr, he's a villain.