Monday, January 20, 2014

Manic Monday--Where Does Wolverine Get Those Wonderful Toys?

Troubling answers to questions that you didn't know you had:

Wait, wait WAIT.

Now this was 1994, so way prior to Logan join the Avengers, so no stipend there.

And while this certainly implies that the X-Men don't get any stipend, surely the cost of uniforms and such is covered by the Xavier fortune.

But what about all of the cigars he smokes, and beer he consumes? What about the cash poker games he plays? What about the personal travel to Japan or other exotic locales? Did all of that come from Xavier? Really? All of the vehicles he uses?

I think this calls for an IRS audit...

From The Bullpen Bulletins page in Captain America #423 (1994)

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Siskoid said...

Dude doesn't even have a full name, or a date of birth that makes sense. I think whatever he does, it's done illegally. He doesn't have a green card or work visa. He gets paid under the table. I bet he just has a huge stash saved up from assassination contracts and such in an offshore account.