Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bold Fashion Choices--A.I.M. For More Colors, Please!

We all know what A.I.M. looks like, right?

The yellow beehive guys. Always yellow.

But the science henchmen of Advanced Idea Mechanics didn't always used to be so mono-chromatic.

There was white and blue...

...or white and fuchsia...

...or white & lilac...

And no, these weren't just errors, or inconsistent coloring...

...as you occasionally saw the different colors in the same panel.

It makes sense, of course. Why wouldn't different of division of A.I.M have different colors? Just like Star Trek!!

And while they were still beekeepers, at least they were colorful beekeepers.

But somewhere along the line, and I'm far too lazy to research how or when, yellow became the default scheme for all A.I.M. flunkies, in every appearance.


With A.I.M. a much more prominent role in the Marvel Universe lately, someone should step in and fix this. NOW!

Panels from Captain America #118 & #120 (1696) and #124 (1970)

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