Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bold Fashion Choices--I Suppose It's Better Than Having To Check Your iPhone 40 Times A Day...

Clark Kent has been given an assignment by Morgan Edge to come up with a piece on Superman's family tree. And, rather than consult Wikipedia like any other self-respecting journalistic would do for such a cheesy story, he and Supergirl travel to Kandor for some in-depth research.

[Editor's note--at this point in pre-Crisis history, Kandor had been restored to normal size, and relocated to the planet Brigadoon Rokyn, which at regular interval disappears into an "other-dimensional universe." Also, in this universe, Supergirl's father Zor-El  was never the genocidal Cyborg Superman, Kara never became a Red Lantern, and Superman never let the Parasite almost kill Lois Lane so that she would forget his secret identity. Your editor is just sayin'.]

Anyway, Supergirl enemy Zora has been trying to distract our heroes with gimmickry and tricks, so they'd lose track of time and be stranded when Rokyn fades away again.

But no such luck, evil-doer:

I'm willing to bet that none of your fathers created telepathic belt clocks that gave you dual interplanetary times.

Although needing to use three fingers does seem a bit inefficient, Zor-El...and don't ask me what that middle circle on the belt does (movie show times? Google maps? Facebook? Yelp? Telepathic Comixology?)

From Krypton Chronicles #2 (1981)

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SallyP said...

Does...does she have to wind them up? Or replace the batteries?