Sunday, January 26, 2014

Some Days You Just Can't Get Popeye To Fight

Pappy has given Popeye a mysterious package to hold onto...

...and some nogoodniks see it...

How are you going to get the box away from him though?

That doesn't sound like the best plan. Let's watch...


My, that Popeye is a good-natured fella!

Let's try again!

Geez. How are you gonna get a guy to fight?

I know...let's steal a bit from The Trouble With Tribbles! (Yes, I's a joke)

And thus the plan succeeds!

[SPOILER ALERT: The plan doesn't succeed.]

[SPOILER ALERT: Inside the box? Pappy's deviled-egg sandwich.]

From Popeye #18 (1951) as reprinted in Classic Popeye #18 (2014)

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George Chambers said...

"You pick a fight with Popeye..." has to be the worst plan in history. Yeah, right. After that, why don't I dress like a pirate and kick some pygmies outside the Phantom's skull cave?