Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Finally, A Team Lamer Than Deep Six!

Maybe it's something about being underwater.

I've spent the better part of a year searching for a team lamer than the short-lived and lamentable Deep Six.

Ask, and the Quarter Bin giveth, as the cover of New Mutants Annual #5 (1989) promises us:

S.U.R.F.??? Who dat??

Gaze upon them in full Liefeldian pin-up glory:

Yes, I know the cover had periods in the S.U.R.F., whereas the pin-up is just plain SURF. They're never referred to by either name in the story, so, I guess you get to chose for yourself. Hurray!

And yes, the costume Liefeld drew for Namorita is amazingly bad.

Anyway, this is during Atlantis Attacks, and it turns out that SURF is  group of Atlantean mutants...

Sharkskin has--wait for it--really tough skin, Eel can become flat and stretch, and Undertow can control water.

These guys made one more appearance--the Avengers West Coast Annual #5 the following year--and then they vanished into the murky depths of forgotitude.

So--they made one more appearance than Deep Six...but most of the Deep Sixers have at least appeared again, individually. So I have to declare that SURF (or S.U.R.F.) is indeed lamer than Deep Six.

So maybe it is something about being an underwater team.

Then again, it could be worse--they could have had a really stupid name like The Others...

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