Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bold Fashion Choices--Oh, My Stars, Garters, Pouches, Goggles, And Mask!

I missed an awful lot during my time away from comics, and I've spent a considerable effort to catch up.

But occasionally, I find something that just doesn't make any sense.

Like this:

Wait...who the hell is that...?

That can't be the Beast, can it?

Damn, it is Henry McCoy!!

Who the hell thought that the blue furry guy needed a mask and goggles? Is he protecting his secret identity, or what?

Let's be fair...maybe the "costume" looks better in other angles/shots:




Definitely not.

Sigh...how can you screw up the Beast's look? Really....

From X-Men Unlimited #28 (2000)


Anonymous said...

Looks like some weird throwback to his pre-blue furry costume - with goggles! Do they do anything special like give him x-ray vision or something? Either way, yeah, a very silly look.

googum said...

His head is cold, and eye protection is important!

SallyP said...

That is some really really painful art. And exactly what did they keep in all of those weird little pouches anyway?