Saturday, April 19, 2014

New York To Wonder Woman: DROP DEAD!!

The Freedom Fighters have come to Earth-1. But, as so often happens, they're framed as terrorists!!

What a helpless little town like New York City supposed to do? Fortunately, Wonder Woman herself has taken up residence there lately.

So, the district attorney, the police commissioner, the mayor's chief of staff, and the chief of police have formed a committee to press Wonder Woman to take those Freedom Fighters...                                 

So how will this august group try to convince Diana, ambassador from Themyscira, a founding member of the Justice League Of America, to aid them in their time of need? Surely calm reasoning and gentle cajoling will prevail!

Somehow I don't see them using the same tactics on Superman or the Flash...

So what's Diana going to do? Oh. man, I can't wait to see her reaction to these idiots...

"None you can argue with?!?!?!"

Come on, princess!! They could use these same "arguments" anytime they want anything from you!! "Look, young lady, we don't have to let you live here, so get out there and clean up Central Park!!"


Still, at least Diana can use the power of her body to make them uncomfortable:

Oh, Wonder Woman...

From Freedom Fighters #4 (1976)

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SallyP said... never occured to her to string them all up with her magical lariat?