Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Nobel Prize In Capital Punishment!

The problem when you're Kid Eternity is that your powers are not exactly a precision instrument.

The Kid has to summon someone else from the great beyond, and rely on them to enact his orders. So he's at least one step removed from the action, generally.

Which might be a good thing, because plausible deniability might be crucial in some cases...or at least a little more discretion in whom you summon from the afterlife.

Someone's hijacked the payroll truck!!

Yeah, you're kind of a wuss on your own, Kid. But whom can you summon?

So Alfred Nobel was just hanging around the afterlife with a sample of dynamite, waiting for some punk to call on him? What an odd theology.


So...uhhh...I guess it's a good idea that there were no hostages on the armored car, no innocent bystanders nearby, right? Because just throwing dynamite around could kind of be overkill, you know?

Plus, there's no indication that these crooks killed anyone during their crime, or anything. So Kid Eternity (and Alfred Nobel) feel justified in playing judge, jury and executioner, no trial, no nada?

No less extreme means of stopping them occurred to Kid, like summoning Billy The Kid to shoot out their tires, or Atlas to stop and pick-up the truck? Nope, straight to the TNT and summary executions!!

A little extreme, is all I'm sayin'.

From Kid Eternity #7 (1947)

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George Chambers said...

Sweet Jeebus, that's hilarious, especially when you consider that Nobel was horrified and ashamed that he'd brought a tool of death and destruction into the world. I guess Kid Eternity actually enslaves the dead people he summons...