Saturday, April 26, 2014

What The Hell Ever Happened To The Eliminator?

So, what the heck ever happened to this guy?

The Eliminator's one--and only--appearance was in Fantastic Four #184 (1977).

Someone had kidnapped Franklin Richards and Agatha Harkness, and as the FF head up to Whisper Hill to investigate, they're stalked and taken out my a mysterious figure...

When the rest of the team get to Whisper Hill, they find this mysterious metallic "egg," which it later turns out that the Eliminator "hatched" from...

And when they go into the house...

...they meet a 10-foot tall cyborg assassin.

He has a mission...

He has super-strength and amazing powers...

And he kills all of the Fantastic Four!!

And now that his mission is done... that moment the Four reveal that it was all trickeration, they were just pretending to be dead (Sue's force field hid their life signs). Well, boo-hoo for the Eliminator!

Now, young snell never understood one thing. Next issue, it turns out that the Eliminator was sent by the witch-community known as New Salem:

And it always seemed odd to me that a bunch of spell-casters would send a cyborg assassin to do their dirty work. Not exactly very magick-y, right?

Of course, older snell reads that panel above--"AN Eliminator never fails!!"--and groks the implication that there are more of these guys out there. Nicholas Scratch, the leader of New Salem, bought or hired an Eliminator. It makes so much sense, that older snell constantly berates younger snell for being too dopey to figure it out.

Which leaves the question--why the hell haven't we seen more Eliminators?

A) This guy predated Robocop/Terminator/most other pop culture cyborgian creations by several years--Marvel should be celebrating that!

B) It's a bitchin' cool design by George Perez and Joe Sinnott

C) The idea of a whole group--a whole race??--of 10-foot cyborg assassins, perhaps each with their own unique set of powers, seems too delicious to pass up. Don't you want to see Iron Man fight one of these things? Cap? The Defenders? Don't you want to know their origin??

But no--aside from a tiny mention in the appendix of the Handbook Of The Marvel Universe, there hasn't been a single sighting/mention of the guy in 34 years.

James Robinson--are you listening?!?


SallyP said...

Maybe that whole "insert fingers into chestplate and explode" thing just never took off?

How do they know that an Eliminator never fails, if none of them ever come back?

Sina said...

Re: "B) It's a bitchin' cool design by George Perez and Joe Sinnott" and etc.

Seriously? And yet you'll diss on GAARD!!???? Damn similar in appearance, effect and history, why does GAARD!! get the short end of the hockey stick/cosmic sceptre while the "Eliminator" gets a "yay me, I'm so cool for liking him (and here's why)" post?

Tsk, tsk, snell...sometimes I wonder :)