Saturday, April 5, 2014

The True Origin Of Richie Rich?!?

Poor Sherman is disgusted by the fact that...well, let's allow him to tell you:

Dude, reality check: your story was published in 1952!! Back in those days, you could still get 10 comics for that buck!! Not to mention lots of candy, soda, etc.

Adjusting for inflation, that lone dollar is worth $8.86 today...and you can't even get three comic books with that! Hell, you probably couldn't get a movie ticket! You have no idea how good you had it!!

Ah, but Sherman is a mad dreamer...

Well, surely that can't work!

Oh, Sherman...

Well, I'd suggest that this was a town full of idjits.

But then again, seeing how supposedly responsible adults are willing to throw themselves at the feet of someone who merely seems rich (even though their piles of cash are imaginary), it's not outrageous to think that Sherman grew up to be on the board at Enron, or perhaps a managing partner at Bear Stearns...

From Popeye #20 (1952), as reprinted in Classic Popeye #20 (2014)

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