Monday, April 28, 2014

Manic Monday--Silver Age Space Aliens Need Hobbies Badly!

Do you know why Superman was always such a super-dick back in the Silver Age?

He learned it from all of the aliens he encountered.

A couple of months ago we saw this:

A group of rich idiots who had nothing better to do than travel the galaxy pulling practical jokes.

And then last month I shared this:

A couple of retired generals who have nothing better to do than go around staging war games on Earth-like planets!

Now let's meet these nozzles:

Superman forced to violate his oath against killing, or they'll roast the Earth? Where the hell is Zod when you need him?

But of course, all is not what it seems. And after Superman pretends to deliberately kill Clark Kent in an atomic blast...

Ah, yes, they, too, are superdouches!

Apparently, the entire Silver Age DC Universe was filled with bored rich folk who had nothing better to do than tease, bedevil, and frak with lesser developed cultures!! It's as if the Earth was just a stop on the "Be Like Mxyzptlk Tour"!

So where the hell was the Green Lantern Corps when we were being messed with like this? They had no problem when these races came around messing with primitive worlds?

From Superboy #137 (1967), Superboy #143 (1967), and Superman #171 (1964).

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