Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thing-Ring, Do Your Thing!!

Ben's new suit, a la 1976I'm feeling lazy today, so I'll just pass along an...interesting...discussion of what, exactly, the Thing is composed of.

And a reminder: Mystery Science Theater 3000 was (nay, is!!) the best television show ever. And if you enjoyed it, you may want to follow the antics of some of the alum, as the continue to slam bad movies. As The Film Crew, they've got 4 DVDs out from Shout! mocking wondrously terrible movies (Protip: Wild Women of Wongo is, well, hilarious. And bad. And hilarious). At at RiffTrax, Mike Nelson and company sell downloadable humorous commentary tracks you can play along with your DVDs.

This ends our unpaid commercial message.

Cosmic Powered Pirates of the CarribeanAaarrghhhh!!

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Captain Infinity said...

I always think of the Thing being covering with thick hide like a rhino. It just happens to look like rocks.

Haven't checked out the Film Crew yet, but did you know that Joel, Trace, Frank and others are back together doing a project called Cinematic Titanic?