Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Night Karaoke--Chosen One Style!!

Well, once again Bahlactus has abandoned us for a 2-week sabbatical. And you know what that means around here, don't you? Yup, it's Friday Night Karaoke time!!*

Sorry, no Mace Windu this time. But it helps if you imagine Jar Jar crooning this. Now SING, dammit!!
Ani, are you OK
Will you tell us that you're OK

Aww, he's too cute to become evil...There's a sign at the temple
That he struck you
A lightsaber, Ani
He came into your best moment
He left Force stains on the carpet
Than you ran into the lava room
You were struck down
It was your doom

Ani, are you OK
You OK
Are you OK, Ani

You were the Chosen One!Ani, are
you OK
You OK
Are you OK, Ani

Rule #1: Jedi don't diddle princessesAni, are you OK
You OK
Are you OK, Ani

What do you call Anakin when you throw him into a lake? Bob!! Ya see, Obi Wan sliced off his limbs, and...You’ve
been hit by
You’ve been struck by
A smooth Jedi Knight

He's almost as bad as Mace
OK, OK, enough....I could do this all night, folks.

Michael stole thissa song from messa!
"Hey, wait, meesa not done yet!!"

*editor's note: due to a necessary impurity in his brain, snell actually thinks this is funny.

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