Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Prepare a Room At Arkham??

You know, I really hate people who try to do pop-psychological diagnoses based on a complete lack of data...but I kinda wonder about Judd Winick sometimes.

Wow, it took him 3 whole issues to kill someone else in this storyline...After the Wedding Special, the Titans East Special, and this week's Green Arrow/Black Canary #3, you have to wonder about the guy. Is he such a hack writer that he really can't think of a better way to wrap up a story than killing a hero (or several heroes)? Does he really think that using the same "dramatic" device again and again and again, no matter the fan disdain, seriously makes for a good story?

Or (and this is where I gotta hate on myself for going off the rails, so forgive me) maybe he's working through some terrible personal trauma. Perhaps he has a deep-seated hatred for heroes, and believes they all should die.

It's almost like a Bat villain origin, isn't it? The writer who is forced to work in comics even though he can't stand heroes, and keeps taking out his frustrations on the characters he writes by killing them, until he goes off the deep end and...

I'm sure Winick is a perfectly nice fellow, hack writing aside. All I'm saying is, I'd give him a wide berth if I saw him in a crowded room...

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