Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quote of the Week

Well, folks, there's a two way tie for Quote of the Week. Fortunately, both come from the same character in the same comic book. Let's chat with Tovar, the Lava King!

I, Tovar, have often walked with a woman!Sounds like a Miller Lite commercial, eh? And Tovar further dazzles us with:

Let's throw Hulk and Namor's dialogue into a blender and see what comes outRolls off the tongue, doesn't it? "Tovar's incredulity is surpassed only by Tovar's rage!" I promise you, I WILL use that phrase at work tomorrow.

By the way, I hope Tovar survived, because I would totally buy a series based on him. Seriously.

Tovar's dialogue gems come from Blue Beetle #22. Perhaps DC should make the book's motto "Blue Beetle--at least one good thing came outta Infinite Crisis, huh?"

1 comment:

Stephen said...

he is bad ass you're totally right they have got to bring him back and put him with the shadowpact or something.