Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Night Fights--Legion of Super-Pets Style!!

Well, it's the last Friday Night Fights of 2-double-aught-7. How shall we mark the occasion?

I know. With the Super-Pets!!! A little beast-on-man carnage should get us through the holidays!!

It's a madhohuse!! A MADHOUSE!!!Where to start? Well, the Legion of Super-Pets has been lured into leaving the Legion of Super-Heroes behind on Earth, and setting up shop on Thanl, a planet much more appreciative of our animal heroes.

SPOILER ALERT: It's a trick.

Anyway, the non-animal Legion travels to Thanl to convince the Super-Pets to come home. But, Chameleon Boy loses his temper a bit, and:

Chokin' the Proty...Well, you DO NOT want to tick off the Super-Pets. Because now, brother, IT IS ON!!


Man, the future is gonna be so freakin' cool...

I cannot wait to play the HeroClix of thisRoll call, anyone?


Of course, of courseSTREAKY!!

Maybe we should call in the SubstitutesKRYPTO!!

Superboy is a pussyBEPPO!! (This is maybe my favorite comic panel EVER!!!)

Seriously, this brings tears of joy to my eyesPROTY!! (Prepare to have your mind blown!!)

The oddest shapeshifter fight EVER

Well, this was the '60s...maybe that explains itI know, I know...that's the craziest fight ever....

Wait a minute...before we wrap this up....something about that cover seems familiar. Let's take a closer look...

Think about it....Hey, wait a minute!!

Coppertone, Cosmic Boy...oh my. Only Bahlactus Lad can sort out this mess!!!

The 17th greatest comic fight of all time takes place in Adventure Comics #364, 1968.


Dan said...

Great fight selection. The Beppo panel is a classic. I'm still laughing.

snell said...

Thank you. Jo Nah getting his ass kicked by a monkey is such pure perfect joy...