Monday, March 17, 2008

Super Hero Smash Brothers

Well, a goodly number of us have been spending every waking hour paying this the past week:

I could so kick Chris Sims' ass with Donkey KongTo those of you who aren't into it (yet!!), the Smash Brothers franchise is Nintendo's way-crazy crossover fighting game, featuring characters from their many franchises planting kick in each others' faces.

But the latest incarnation, for the Wii, ups the ante, by featuring a couple of characters from other companies big franchises: Sonic the Hedgehog and Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series.

Which makes me wonder this:
  • We can have comic book crossovers

  • What, no Dr. Druid vs. Vibe???
  • We can have video came characters cross over in Smash Brothers

  • We can have superheroes do crossovers in video game franchises
Bitchingest fighting game EVAHSo why the hell don't we have a Marvel vs. DC video game?!? Do these fools know that if they made it, and it was of ANY quality whatsoever, they'd make a kajillion dollars?? Somebody get Capcom on the phone and get this done immediately, OK?? This needs to be done NOW.

Oh, and Nintendo? I want Mario vs. Wolverine in the next Smash Brothers. Make it so.


Unknown said...

Forbush Man vs. the original Red Tornado! Clash of the cooking pans!

Seriously, that's a great idea...but the lawyers always ruin our fun. Heck...why not a Disney vs. Looney Tunes game, with Bugs Bunny dropping anvils on Micky Mouse or Donald Duck doing a Type-A freakout on Daffy Duck?

snell said...

Well, the lawyers were willing to allow JLA/Avengers, so maybe there's hope...

And given that Marvel has had several good video games, and DC just about ZERO, you'd hope the Marvel half could pick the development house...