Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Someone's Been Spying On My Dreams Again

Let's see if I have this straight--

A new Justice League comic...called merely Justice League...written by James Robinson...starring as team members:

  • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
  • Green Arrow
  • Ray Palmer (but NOT as the Atom!!)
  • Supergirl
  • Batwoman (!!)
  • Freddy Freeman ("ideally with the blue costume and a new name")
  • Starman--Mikkal Tomas, the blue alien one
  • Congorilla!!!!!!!!

Well, you had me at James Robinson, but man, Congorilla sealed the deal!! What a potentially insanely fun team, eh? A couple of thoughts:

*Ray Palmer, but not as the Atom. A former shrinking hero who had intense marriage problems and then rejoins a spin-off of his original team but in his civilian identity and without shrinkage...nahh, I've never heard that one before... cough, cough, yellowjacket, cough cough

*From Robinson: "“It had long bothered me that the Avengers had never really ‘avenged’ anything – they’re either stopping a crime, or are under attack, which means that the name ‘The Defenders’ would’ve been better suited for them. Or The Crime Stoppers."
Damn, you know he's right...

* Again from Robinson, on the book's set-up: "That event? A murder...Hal is outraged and wants to immediately go after the villain and get justice for the fallen hero..."

Uh, James, remember what happened the last time Hal went off half-cocked to avenge some murders? I'm not saying he's gonna go psycho again, but a part of Parallax is still in his lantern, and, well...everybody hide.

*Freedy Freeman with a new name and back in blue? So, what, the whole Trials of Shazam mini-series is already moot? Does that mean Billy Batson will go back to being Captain Marvel?

Anyway, it's time for the "think up a new superhero name for Freddy Freeman" contest. My first official entry: Young Miracleman!! Oh, what, that's still tied up..?

*Supergirl and Batwoman? Let the fanfic begin...

But seriously, I'm really looking forward to this. Let's hope DC editorial doesn't butt in and make him write back-up stories while some hack does Salvation Run tie-ins in the front half. Earth to Dwayne McDuffie: for this you gave up Fantastic Four???


Siskoid said...

Is there an announced artist, or at they going to saddle Robinson with a 90s Image-wannabe with a but crack fetish?

snell said...

No artist was mentioned during the announcement at WizardWorld...