Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Night Fights--Excelsior Style!!

Tonight, the epic battle you've all been craving: Judge Dredd vs ???? ???!!

Well, let's keep the name of his opponent secret for a couple of minutes, OK?

Anyhoo, a dangerous ninja assassin has come to Mega-City, and he's not someone to be trifled with:

Ethnically incorrect, or the coolest line ever?And he might be more than Dredd can handle:

Hey, he stole Guile's move...
Ah, the face kick...That's face kick number 1.

Oh, Dredd will get a lick or two in:

Dredd's finely considered riposte devestates our ninja friendBut he's outclassed:

A double face kick?? Life is good.That's face kick #2! And the night gets still worse for Dredd:

It's like Enter the Dragon, without the tough opponents
Ouch...pwned in his own townYup, that's face kick #3 AND #4, for those keeping track (and for Chris Sims).

The end result of our battle? Something you rarely see: Dredd f#$%d up:

I wonder what the Judge's health care plan is like??But who was this mysterious opponent?

WHA?!!?!?!Oh, no you didn't!?! Judge Dredd was pasteurized by....? Yup: check out the cover, True Believers:

Much better than his What If? appearanceYup, Stan Lee just kicked the living s#$% out of Dredd. That's what happens when you cross Smilin' Stan...he brings the PAIN!!!

SUPERBAD!!Bahlactus also brings da pain, but man, not even he could beat down Dredd like that...or could he??

Lo, when titans clash, it occurs in Quality's Judge Dredd #26, 1989...the cover is by Jumpin' Jackson Guice, and the interior art by Boisterous Barry Kitson!! Excelsior!!!

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Anonymous said...

You know a martial artist is good when he not only beats up Dredd, but has Billy and Jimmy Lee as kids. Stan Lee is not a fellow you want to %^%^ with.