Friday, March 28, 2008

Firday Night Fights--They'rrrrrre Grrrrrreat Style!!

As some of you may have noticed, I have a tendency to turn to man-on-animal action for my Friday Night Fights. (Man-on-animal action? That should do wonders for my Google hits...)

But tonight will top them all. Because we're diving into Atlas territory!!

As you may recall from last night's exegesis, Tiger-Man was one gritty book, and least in issue one. Let's set the scene: Young doctor Lannie Hill is interning in Zambia. For reasons that make no sense, his mentor there has a captive man-eating tiger from India. In some nebulous quest to study the "survival instinct," Hill "isolates the chromosome" that makes the tiger "so powerful." And as most comic book scientists are wont to do, he injects himself with the tiger chromosome. Why? Just go with it!!

Meanwhile, the jealous local witch doctor lets the tiger loose to cause havoc. Which results in the last thing you want to see during your midnight constitutional:

Ernie Colon liked LOTS of space in his compositionsHow will Dr. Hill survive?? This one ain't pretty, so if you're a PETA member, you might want to turn away:

Aak?? What, is he hitting Cathy?First blow: 500 points!!

N ow that's a THUD!Body slam!!

The biggest freakout since Donna Troy's 'Shut up! Shut up!' two weeks agoUhhh...psycho loss of control??

Of course it did, of course it didGee, ya think??

And thus begins the career of "the world's newest, most exciting super-hero!"

Of course, Bahlactus ALWAYS has the eye of the tiger...

Animal cruelty from Tiger-Man #1, 1975.

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CaptainAverage said...

And probably made me a psycho killer! A tiger-killer!With great power comes...a need for jungle violence!