Monday, February 27, 2012

Manic Monday--Hank McCoy Is On Pym Patrol!

The other day, I criticized Rick Remender's portrayal of Hawkeye in Secret Avengers #23.
In fairness, though, in that same issue he does give us a couple of the best Avengers bits in years.

Specifically, when Henry Pym is fretting about the lack of proper computer systems on the Secret Avengers new super-secret super-small satellite base:

"At no point, while I draw breath, will you ever create another artificial intelligence."

Hot damn, it's about time someone called out Pym like that!! It's nice to know that some people in the Marvel Universe share my opinion of the "Scientist Supreme" (sorry, Dan Slott, I love ya, but that was just dorky...)

And thanks, Beast, for watching out for us all....make sure you keep that Pym on double secret probation!!


Mitchell Craig said...

Oh, snap!

Pym got pwned!

SallyP said...

Divine. Oh Hank! (Beast that is, not Pym)

Martin Gray said...

I love Hank, but Hank is right.

notintheface said...

About freaking time, Dr. McCoy!