Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Golden Age Idol--Captain Fu--Hey, Wait A Minute!!!

After a certain point, we here at Golden Age Idol tend to get a little jaded, a little bored, and it all starts to look the same.

Still, we owe it you, the reader, to muddle on, and find the best public domain characters waiting to be rescued from obscurity. So please allow me to fight through the ennui to present...CAPTAIN FUTURE!! (yawn!!)

We start with "meek" scientist Professor Andrew Bryant (who doesn't look anything like another mild-mannered secret identity we all know...).

But of course, Bryant has a secret. When he bathes himself in a mix of "alpha" and "gamma" rays:

Yawn...derivative identity, derivative costume...howzabout powers?

Well, he can fly, he's super strong (yawn...)

But despite being bulletproof, he's always vulnerable to a bump on the noggin:

Oh, yeah, and he can fire powerful "atomic bolts"...

And, since he's filled with "positive energy," he can be hooked up to Nazi death machines and be made into a weapon:

Well, that's all, I guess nothing special here...YAWN...

What? You want to see how Captain Future escapes? Why? (yawn)...Oh, all right, you're the boss...he manages to escape with the help of...

THE DOGS OF WAR!?!?!?!?!

Hello, I'm awake now!! What the hell?

OMG Nazi-fighting dog brigades!!! And the dogs have ranks!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

Somebody get me somebody on the phone right now!! We may have just discovered a gold mine here!! Let's get cracking and start working on THE DOGS OF WAR for a 2011 release...with variant covers...guest star appearances by other famous dogs...

And Captain Future...? To heck with you, sir, we've found the real stars!!

A Nazi-fighting troop of dogs. Goddamn, I love comic books.

From Startling Comics #34 (1945)


Siskoid said...

I bet at least one of those dogs made it to general by now.

Steve said...

That last picture with the dogs is great; they look totally manic!

allendl181 said...

So the one dog is a private and the other is a sergeant--so who gets to sniff whose butt?