Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Yes, Virginia, There Was A Comic Adaptation Of The Music Man

Recently, a feature where fictional characters answer real questions dealt with the issue of whether or not there had ever been a comic adaptation of The Music Man. But, as fictional characters are wont to do, they never really answered the question.

Well, it must be destiny that I just found this in the quarter bin last Saturday:

So yes, Jacob, there was a comic book adaptation of the hit movie musical The Music Man, published by Dell in 1963.

No, Jacob, Johnny Romita did not draw those 76 trombones. We don't know for sure, but GCD passes along a suggestion that Joe Sinnott did pencils and inks.

They mostly just skipped the songs, rather than transcribing the lyrics and hoping everyone knew the tunes. Just as well, because no penciling or lettering, however good, can make this:

...the equal of Robert Preston:

But man, River City must have been a pretty dismal place:

Let's see, you're bilked out of lots of money and humiliated by a con man, you've got a band that, by your own description is "sad" and "poor quality," the moral majority has taken over because of the threat of pool halls...and this is "the greatest day in the history of River City?"

Makes me want to invest in a monorail...

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Fanboy Wife said...

My husband was in the Music Man when he was in high school. I've also been to Iowa, and I can easily see why the townsfolk are impressed with bad musicianship.