Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, this is post #250, and my personal version of March Madness is over, so it's a good time for a little bit of housekeeping around here.

Just for the heck of it, I'm trying a new template...we'll see how long it lasts. I've also added a few new beta Blogger apps, and I hope they won't bog things down too much. Specifically:
  • An updated blogroll (long overdue), with a new widget that makes the list also act as a mini-RSS, showing when each blog was last updated, and the title of the most recent post. This is a work in progress, lots more blogs to add.
  • The "Search This Blog" box at the top of the sidebar (not the one along the top titlebar) now searches not only Slay Monstrobot, but also every blog in my blogroll AND every blog I've ever linked to. Sort of a mini-Cerebra. Have fun.
  • Yeah, I've added a baseball scoreboard widget. If I've got to suffer with the #$%^ing Cubs all summer, so do you.

There'll be more tinkering in the next few days as I work a bug or two out, and change my mind 17 times about fonts and colors, and probably experiment with another widget or 4. That's the flipside of my laziness--when I find the energy, I can get really picky and anal, and can't stop tinkering.

My schedule should get a lot more regular, with postings happening daily (or more often!! Damn this burst of energy!!).

The upside of all this energy: I'm really gonna lay into Skrullapalooza tomorrow....

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