Thursday, April 3, 2008

Final Crisis Preview--Anthro

So, Grant Morrison has told us that Final Crisis will have Anthro on the first page and Kamandi on the last.

Really, Grant? Really?

Uh, ladies...Anthro is NO prizeLet's not forget Prez and Brother Power, while you're at it...Angel and the Ape? Sugar and Spike?

Anthro--the caveman Archie Andrews!!

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Anonymous said...

See, this is why I'm more excited about Legion of 3 Worlds than Morrison's Final Crisis. Sure, both draw heavily from DC's Pre-Crisis glories, but at least Geoff John's Legion story looks to have the bang-up action I prefer over the metaphysical tone poems of Morrison.

I don't mean to imply I won't be getting (or enjoying) Final Crisis...but after Morrison's sporadically entertaining, yet often head-scratching Seven Soldiers project several years back, I'm not sure I trust him with a "Big Enchilada", front-and-center event book.

Morrison may yet surprise me, but I share your skepticism over the Anthro-Kammandi bookend device. Both characters are exactly the kind of third-string goofballs Morrison's always been drawn to, and after several DC events focusing on third-string goofballs, I've about had my fill. Adding to the misgivings is what appears to be the focus on Kirby's Fourth World nonsense, concepts and characters I've never been fond of.