Saturday, February 9, 2008


(No, not "Oops" as in "Thors")

Yesterday was my 200th post, and I never even noticed. Wow...Sorry about that. For those who survived my 100th post super spectacular, you know I like to have fun with the anniversary, but things just kinda slipped away this month, I guess. C'est la vie...

Then again, maybe it's a sign of how comfortable I've become with the task of doing this blog on a (mostly) daily basis. When I started way back last July, it was a) mainly an experiment, b) because I had just bought a new printer/scanner combo--which was only $10 more than replacing the ink cartridges on my old crappy printer!!, and c) I justed wanted to vent some spleen in ways that probably wouldn't be appropriate just commenting on other people's blogs. Given my personality and my *ahem* slender ability to stick to a firm schedule, I would have bet you 50 quatloos I wouldn't have made it this long this consistently.

But now I can't stop--I even have dreams about updating the blog, by Rao!! True story: last night I dreamed there was a comic I had read 20 years ago--not an actual comic, this one existed only in my dream, thank heavens--that had a very controversial editor's note that upset a lot of fans. And in the dream, Marvel had just published a new comic in 2008 that answered and settled that controversy...except I thought it was a sucky answer that made no sense, so I rushed home and blogged about it. What a waste of a dream, eh? I can't even get away from blogging comics in my subconscious, now...(Note: the comic somehow involved Jack of Hearts---don't ask me...)

It's an odd organic process, this blog...some days I have about 20 posts lined up, some days I have absolutely no inspiration, so I just dive into a long box and see what surfaces. And of course, there's always something in the new comics that week to set me off...

So, I guess you're all stuck with me. No big changes coming...just me going Monstrobot on annoying fools, yukking it up in the Silver Age, and trying to find the oddest damned Friday Night Fights ever.

Thanks to everybody who comments, both praise and criticism. Thanks to my fellow comic bloggers, for encouragement and the inspiration their efforts provide. And a special thanks to Radio Shack, for giving us the TRS-80.

A couple of my favorite moments from the past 100 posts:
*The dark truth behind the Wizard of Oz
*Lois always knows what not to wear
*Adam-12 versus a monkey
*The most disturbing thing EVER seen on the internet

Well, that's enough self-reference for the next 100 posts or so. Until then, I leave you the immortal words of Doctor Doom:

CX'mon, you know he would say it to Reed Richards in a heartbeat if he could...


Gary said...

200 posts? Jeez, I've got a long way to go.

Congrats on getting there, man.

CaptainAverage said...

Ditto on the congrats. Really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!